تعد Country & Town House الشركاء الإعلاميين الرسميين لخدمة Place2Be Carol Service 2019 لهذا العام منذ عام 2005 نقوم بتوزيع الأدوية الحيوانية والأعلاف إضافات للدواجن والماشية والخيول والحيوانات المرافقة مثل حسنًا. لدى Stormvet فرق الترويج والمبيعات والدعم الفني و يهدف المكتب العلمي إلى تحسين أداء الحيوان، إجراءات الصرف الصحي والتعامل في الطب البيطري.

The carol concert, which this year is in partnership with Country & Town House magazine, has raised over £260,000 for the charity. An evening not to be missed, founded by the CEO of Taylor Howes Designs, Karen Howes with her husband Andrew, it is an annual celebration with live music and performances from world-class actors and celebrities.In the December 2019 issue they featured and promoted the Place2Be Christmas Wreath Raffle. Ten of the UK’s biggest names in the design world – including Kit Kemp, Martin Brudinizki Design Studio, Taylor Howes Designs and David Collins Studio, to name a few – have created one-off Christmas Wreaths to celebrate the 10anniversary of the Place2Be Interior Design Carol Concert. The wreaths will be raffled to raise funds for the children’s mental health charity.